Every Sunday we get together as a community and worship God.  We listen to Holy Scripture and to a Sermon, we pray, we affirm our faith, and we celebrate the Eucharist together.

As part of the Episcopal Church, and members of the Anglican Communion the services that we use are those of the Book of Common Prayer 1979.

Holy Eucharist
The word Eucharist means, “Thanksgiving.”  It is an act of Thanksgiving to God.  The entire Sunday morning service is called Holy Eucharist, and this consists of two parts: The Liturgy of the Word, and Holy Communion.  The Liturgy of the Word consists of prayers, Scripture reading, the Sermon (see below), the Creed, and prayers.  Holy Communion is a prayer that the community prays together, led by a priest or a bishop, in which we ask God to become present to us.  We believe that in Holy Communion, Jesus Christ becomes present to us in elements of bread and wine.  

The Sermon
The sermon is a time to reflect on the words of Scripture.  It is usually between 10 and 12 minutes long. [Hear Recent Sermons]