Interim Rector
The Reverend Barbara Abbott

Music Director/Organist

Paul Emmons

Parish Administrator
Bonnie Prendiville

Deanery & Convention Delegates

Cliff Davis

Debra Dupre

Suzanne Lees

Vestry Officers
Senior Warden:  Rosemary Hughes

Accounting Warden:  Beth Gallis

Clerk:  Lyn DeSilets

Treasurer:  Matt Dupre

Vestry Members

Rosemary Hughes

Annette Smith

Drew Meiers

Beth Gallis

Beth Johnson

Marilyn Freeman

Lyn DeSilets

Nancy Haas

Judy Jervis

Vestry Committees

Christian Education (Beth Johnson, Liaison)
The task of this committee is central to the pilgrimage of faith upon which Holy Apostles has embarked.  In order to be free to believe in Christ and minister to the world in His name, we learn Christ’s teachings and the traditions of His church.  This committee develops programs of adult education and the programs that nurture our children in faith.

Good News (Marilyn Freeman)
Holy Apostles is a small but vibrant community that depends on the active participation of all members and the continual addition of new members to share in our mission of living out our baptismal covenant and building up the body of Christ.  The Good News Committee recognizes the need to maintain and grow our membership.  Committee members greet and orient visitors and encourage parishioners to introduce themselves to new folks at coffee hour and welcome them into the wider activities of the parish.  We periodically welcome new members at special events such as newcomers’ dinners.  This committee seeks volunteers to help us identify new ways to attract individuals and families to the life of our church.

Fellowship (Judy Jervis, Liaison)
We enjoy each other’s company!  Frequently throughout the church year, Holy Apostles will organize activities designed for fun, entertainment and education.  We are not just coffee hour folk!  Our Fellowship Committee oversees this important part of our parish life.  We always welcome volunteers — no such thing as too many cooks in the kitchen.

Finance (Beth Gallis, Accounting Warden, Vestry Liaison)
The Finance Committee assists the Vestry in financial planning not normally associated with capital improvements.  Operating budgets, budget monitoring, anticipated property expenses and cash flow management are some of the areas in which the committee assists the Vestry.

Outreach  (Nancy Haas, Vestry Liaison)
Pastoral Care (The Rev. Barbara Abbott)
The task of these committees is to find ways that the people of Holy Apostles can serve the mission of the church in the world and those in need outside of our parish. This means supporting and participating in diocesan mission projects, discovering opportunities for service in our own community, and involving ourselves with those less fortunate than ourselves.

Property and Rentals (Annette Smith & Drew Meiers, Vestry Liaisons)
This important committee oversees the maintenance of the parish’s buildings and grounds. Schedules routine maintenance, space utilization, janitorial services and grounds care fall under the watchful eye of this committee. They also develop policies relating to building use by parishioners and outside groups, and represent the parish in relationship with building tenants.

Stewardship (David Lees)
God has made us stewards of the rich treasures of God’s world, and calls us to use these resources in a thoughtful way to provide for our own needs and the needs of the world at large. The task of the Stewardship Committee is to inform the parish of its stewardship responsibilities and to actively solicit pledges for the parish’s support. The committee works year round to point out opportunities for service.  A giving campaign is conducted each Fall in thanks to God and in financial preparation for next year’s operating program.

Other Groups Related to Worship
THE ADULT CHOIR sings at all major services, with the exception of summer Eucharists, and encourages all those interested in singing to join them.  The choir regularly rehearses at 9:30 a.m. on Sundays and at other times arranged by the choir director.
ACOLYTES assist the clergy at all services of public worship.  Parish youth or adults who are interested in being acolytes are encouraged to contact the Interim Rector.
CHALICE BEARERS are appointed by the Interim Rector, approved by the Vestry, and licensed by the Bishop.
READERS read lessons from Scripture at the services.  We encourage youth and adults alike who would like to serve in this important ministry.
INTERCESSORS lead the congregation in reading the Prayers of the People at the services.  Interested adults are encouraged to contact the Interim Rector.
USHERS greet parishioners as they enter the church for Sunday services, hand out Bulletins, and bring the gifts to the altar at the Eucharist.  Adults and youth alike are encouraged to take part in this valuable ministry and should contact the Interim Rector.
THE ALTAR GUILD prepares the altar and sanctuary for worship and cares for the vestments, vessels, and appointments.  This dedicated group is gender inclusive and new members are always welcome.